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Monday, September 07 2009

It was only a couple weeks ago I picked up an AVON book and started browsing the pages of the newest beauty products.  As I was discovering some very attractive products I noticed that something inside me was sparked.  I felt like a teenager again finding that I truly wanted to retain my youthful beauty.  I saw many skin-care products that interested me as well as cosmetics and jewelry. 

It is hard to explain what happened but a little light went on inside of me.  I found a change in my attitude about my personal appearance and at the same time also relished the thought of starting my own Avon business for myself. 

In recent years, I have been to unmotivated and became bored.  Now I have an avenue to revive my creativity, meet new people, and develop my AVON business as either a fun hobby or even better- a new career.  All of this began with a small start-up cost of $10.

I am excited about this new endeavor in my life.  I hope to share more as my business grows and my light shines brighter.

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